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Quality Management
Darmattech PFP, Inc

A number of customers also have regular or occasional quality survey programs with vendors for their quality assurance. We take the mission of providing best quality and services to our valued customers as our first task, and continuously trying to improve. Our Quality System is operated in the manner that reports, records and procedure document are made in compliance with contract specific requirements.

A pre-qualification materials are made available to our customers before contract, including quality plan, quality procedures and all other contract specific required documentations. Records on all products are traceable by individual steps from purchase of materials, receiving, processing and all other steps up to packing and delivery, and made available to customer.
Manufacturing Procedures are prepared in compliance with applied standards / specifications, and we ensure the products have consistent quality in design and performance.
Records on all installation or site supervision works are also made in compliance with basic procedures, and the records are managed under system. All the reports are prepared in our official forms and submitted to the customers.
We also prepare and make available any documents, when requested by customers, for the project's primary owner.
We always endeavor to maintain strict quality management system and improve the system for better quality and service, and we promise to invest on human resources for quality improvement.
'Darmattech PFP, Inc. is committed to the principles of BSI ISO 9001:2008 and to a policy of ensuring that the products and services supplied to its customers regardless of the quality levels specified, are delivered fit-for-purpose within the agreed delivery program. Each department within the company operates a system of continuous quality improvement with the objective of maintaining its position as a world leader in its particular product range.'