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Darmet SMRI
DARMET SMRI provides integral radiation protection with engineered insulation.
The product is a development of well proven DARMET all metallic stainless steel thermal insulation system also produced by Darchem. Darmet is currently installed in over 160 nuclear power plants worldwide.
  • The amount of radiation reduction is based on the thickness of lead used and on the time required to carry out specific maintenance operations.
  • Reduce high radiation emission areas to lower acceptable levels.
  • Significantly impacts the access time for maintenance and operational staff by permanently reducing radiation levels.
  • Previously declared “restricted” levels can become readily accessible thus improving quality time within containment, saving at least 25-50% of dosage pick up time.
  • Site Feedback from operational plants with DARMET SMRI fitted has shown that the dosage pick up can be reduced by 50%.
  • Specifically designed to minimize heat loss in various applications.
  • Install where the requirement for LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident) is not as stringent.
  • The form of insulation varies from Mineral Wool to high performance insulations like microporous insulation.
  • The insulation is encapsulated by thin gauge austenitic stainless steel, which provides simple installation and removability characteristics.
  • Each application is designed to suit the customer specification with respect to thermal and mechanical requirements.