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Heat Shields
Darchem is specialised in the design, development and manufacture of Radiant Heat and Wind Shields for the protection of personnel, equipment and structures from radiant heat, fire and inclement weather conditions.
  • Darscreen™ Woven Mesh System is designed for use with lower level heat fluxes, or for wind shielding, and is commonly employed as a vertical heat shield protecting critical equipment, structures, and personnel.
  • Darflare™ Chevron System is designed for use with higher heat flux levels such as those experienced during flaring operations
  • Continuous Shielding (steady state); as in the case of a flare tip on an Offshore Installation
  • Fire Hazard Shielding (limited duration); where a piece of equipment is adjacent to a potential fire hazard for the time it would take to extinguish the potential fire.
Each heat shield manufactured is individually designed based on the incidental heat flux levels and frequency, heat reduction target and any additional customer specific requirements.

  • Darscreen™ Woven Mesh System

  • - Designed for lower heat flux levels
    - Although the system can be employed as a horizontal heat shield fitted directly below the flare tip, it is more commonly used as a vertical heat shield solution protecting critical plant, steelwork and personnel in the event of a fire, offering up to a 75% reduction in irradiance

    - The system is manufactured as a modular system with individual panels made up of a 1 or 2 layers of 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 woven mesh welded to a channel frame. Where a load bearing requirement is present, i.e. in a horizontal system, grating can be welded to the top edge of the frame. The individual panels are kept at a manageable size to allow ease of installation.

    - Excellent see-through properties and is naturally venting

  • The Darscreen™ windbreak

  • - Protect walkways, stairwells and other areas from the battering effect of high winds.
    - The advantage over a perforated plate system by having better visibility for personnel and less risk of stagnant regions
  • Darchem can predict the reduction in radiation heat flux for various different configurations of Darscreen™ Woven Mesh heat shields. For a known incident heat flux on the hot face of the heat shield the attenuated heat flux can be predicted at set distances from the cold face of the heat shield
  • Stated input heat flux to an acceptable level for general areas where personnel may be exposed.
  • The Darchem / BP Collaboration the Chevron system was developed and installed on the Magnus Platform. This not only resolved the problem but also offered a heat flux reduction of more than 90%.
  • The Chevron system is designed, through convective airflow through the panels, to reduce the radiant heat on the cold face of the shield to below 100°C during flaring ensuring that the structural steelwork is not compromised.
  • The panels are assembled with a proprietary fixing system, designed to allow the system to expand during flaring intervals while holding each panel in place to the supporting structure.
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Heat Dissipation
  • See-through & Venting