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Darshields PFP

Darshield™ rigid Passive Fire Protection system is designed as a high performance solution to meet the most demanding requirements for protection of critical flow and process equipments from Hydrocarbon Pool Fire and Jet Fire conditions. Offering up to 120 minutes protection.
Darshield™ can be fitted to valves, actuators, air tanks, instrument panels and other safety critical equipment incorporating high performance thermal insulation materials encapsulated by stainless steel skins, Darshield™ is supplied in pre-fabricated panel form for assembly and installation onsite or in the factory.

Forming a rigid PFP enclosure, the panels are held together using bolts and captive nuts, with the final construction.
Providing the necessary structural integrity to withstand the specified fire and blast conditions
  • Inspection hatches can be provided for each Darshield™ PFP system to provide quick access to areas that require regular inspection or maintenance.
  • It is important that the client identifies any requirements for hatches and penetrations which are approved within the Lloyds Type Approval certification for Darshield™ as early as possible such that they can be incorporated into the PFP system’s design.
  • Darvent™ intumescent grills can be incorporated at customers request to allow for ventilation and air circulation around the protected equipment.
  • Each Darshield™ system is engineered from equipment manufacturer drawings and checked against potential site conditions to take into account of possible space restrictions.
  • Lloyds Type Approval certification ensures that each Darshield™ installation, inclusive of access hatches and transition points, meets with customer fire specifications.
  • Fire Condition - Hydrocarbon Pool Fire and Jet Fire up to 120 mins.
  • Blast Protection - Up to 1.6 bar
  • Limiting Temperatures – As per project requirements, with Lloyds approved Offtranp software calculations to be issued to clients for each item of equipment protected.
Darshield™ and Darmatt™ Hybrid Systems
Darshield™ and Darmatt™ flexible jacket PFP systems can be combined to produce a Hybrid enclosure offering the benefits of both designs:
The factors below are required in order for us to establish an optimal design of Darshield™ PFP
  • Type of fire
  • Duration of Fire
  • Limiting temperature rise
  • Ambient and operating temperatures
  • Mass of the equipment to be protected
  • Exposed surface area
Since its introduction the Darshield™ PFP System has been tested repeatedly to prove its capability as a PFP system. As a minimum Darshield™ enclosures are tested to the requirements of BS476 part 20 for UL 1709 for Hydrocarbon Pool Fires and Large Scale Jet Fire Testing.