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Darmattech PFP, Inc
Darchem Engineering offers of wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of light weight insulation systems, fire protection products and high temperature metallic fabrications for the aerospace, automotive, marine, nuclear & energy sectors.
Darchem also provide high precision honeycomb wind tunnel flow straighteners and turbulence control screens allowing customers to optimize their aerodynamic designs.
Aerostructures offers a design and manufacture service for high temperature precision fabrications in stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys for use in gas turbines in the air, on land and at sea.
Darchem has four business units, three of which provide engineered solutions to the high temperature problems of, primarily, the aerospace industry. The fourth provides fire protection and high temperature insulation solutions for the off-shore and nuclear markets.
Design and manufacturing specialist for plain structural and acoustically treated assemblies in high temperature nickel based titanium based alloys.
UKAS accredited testing house in Darchem Engineering operates and independent UKAS approved test laboratory in the company. Testing house carries out high temperature testing, development of new products. Also enables business units and external customers to test products under operational conditions and hence give them a crucial edge over their competition on thermal issues. Testing house issues various engineering evaluations for customer base on specific required research & development works.
  • Darchem Engineering is nuclear engineering specialized company with 45 years of experiences. Darchem served to 160 commercial reactors in 18 countries worldwide to PWR, Magnox, AGR, THTR, PFR, BWR type reactors with following catagories
  • Reflective Metallic Insulation system
  • Encapsulated Fibre Thermal Insulation Systems
  • Pool Liners
  • Fuel Storage Racks
  • Piping Systems & Pipe Bridges
  • heat Exchangers
  • Waste Containers
  • Passive Fire Protection for critical trains
  • Honeycomb Crush Pads for dropped loads
Darchem Engineering is prepared to serve these engineered system against to upcoming demands in nuclear industry market.
Darchem is committed to the principles of BS EN ISO 9000 and to a policy of ensuring that the products or services supplied to its customers Regardless of the quality level specified, are delivered fit for purpose within the agreed delivery programme.
Each business unit within the company operates a system of continuous quality improvement with the objective of maintaining its position as a world leader in its particular product range.
The company holds BS EN 9001 together with a wide range of specific company approvals from Darchem's worldwide "blue chip" customer base.